About Dog Nose Protectors
Dog Nose Protectors have several uses: 

  • Nose Protectors can be used to protect your dogs nose from sunburn, it guards against--( U V Rays, which cause skin damage ).

  • Nose Protectors can be used if your dog has stitches in the nose - or any other nose problem. The nose protector will keep your dog from interfering with the noses healing process. 

  • Nose Protectors can also be used after applying lotion, or ointment to prevent your dog from licking it off. After the lotion has absorbed, the nose protector can be taken off, but of course if your dogs nose is damaged from Discoid Lupus -- You will want to leave it on.

            My dog has been wearing my latest design of
            Nose Protector for over 1 year, and it is still
            in good shape. The Protectors are built tough,
            and can be washed over and over,
            with a little care the protector will last a long time.

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