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My dog was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus in 2007. When he was younger his nose was black, but it started turning pink. Finally it turned totally pink and started getting sores on it. If he bumped his nose he would yelp and his nose would bleed. It got so bad the skin on his nose was almost totally gone and it would squirt blood if scratched. The vet gave him medicine periodically and said to keep sunscreen on it, but he would just lick off the sunscreen. His nose was not improving, so  I came up with this nose cover. I put the nose protector  on him when he goes outside in the sun. The skin on his nose healed in about 3 months. It is still pink and gets sores sometimes, it also sunburns easily if he doesn't wear the nose protector, but I have no doubt that without the nose cover he would be dead. At first he didn't seem to know what to think about it, but he got used to it. It doesn't seem to bother him at all now. 

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